Kaveret CRM System – Smart Management of your Business

Lead Management

Kaveret will provide full support for handling your business leads and increasing profits

Concentration of all leads business (from all advertising channels), distribution to sales people, tracking and reminders on each lead and built-in automatic reminders using SMS or email with the option to create reports that will give you control and help you fix the weaknesses of your sales.
You will have control over all customers and referrals of the business in complete compliance with your business needs

Customer management

The system will gather and store all your customer information

Forget the yellow post-it notes. All customer information, tasks, billing alerts, options for SMS reminders and automatic emails and other options that will give you all the tools to manage customers perfectly and not miss a single task.

Business Sales Management

Send SMS or emails regularly to your customers, with content and at a pre-set time. This way you can keep in touch with customers – offer special discounts on birthdays (for example), reminders to renew contact with the customer, holiday greetings and more… Analyze all the business and sales information of the business with the help of reports tailored to your needs.

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