Kaveret’s efficient and innovative customer management system

Kaveret’s CRM system will gather and store all the information about your customers in one place, and you will be able to analyze data with simple and advanced segmentation and make informed across-the-board decisions on how to proceed to achieve your goals.

Customer management software – list of features

✓ Import customer information to the system

No need to stress, transferring information from another program to Kaveret’s CRM is quick and easy. With a simple action you can transfer mailing lists and existing customer information straight into our customer management system.

✓ Adapt the system to your business

Each business works differently. Our customer management system is modular and flexible and can adapt itself to the personal needs of the business, from overall visibility to the level of categories and fields in the system – everything suited exactly to your needs.

✓ Information management

With the help of the system you will be able to generate detailed reports on the progress of your employees or the progress of the business. Simple and advanced segmentations that are relevant to you at any given moment.
Furthermore, Kaveret will keep segments of your choice so that you can reach them comfortably and of course, you can send segmentation results directly to email or download to Excel / PDF

✓ File management – for you and your customers

With the help of the system you can store all relevant files of your business in one organized place with access from any place and device.

It is possible to screen grab files on a smartphone and upload directly – from the device to the system and file them directly to the relevant customer file.
You can also send files directly to customers from the software via email or SMS

✓ Managing communication with customers

Simply manage all phone calls, text messages, appointments, email and events that have ever occurred with the customer. Everything in one organized place with filtering options that will make your life easier

You can send an invitation to a meeting with a few clicks through the system – and make sure to remind the customer at any time you choose by email and/or SMS

✓ Customer follow up

You can carry out orderly follow-up by managing your tasks and those of company employees. Assign tasks and receive real-time situation reports about the task, division of tasks between several company employees and internal correspondence about it, receive reminders about tasks and their execution in the software, emails and text messages.

Kaveret is so easy to operate, that in every conversation with a customer you can immediately upload their card in the system and give them fast, reliable, professional and efficient service

Seeing is believing…