Instant credit clearing service

You can now clear credit cards even if your business is small or medium with no minimum charge, no obligation and no brokerage fees for third party sites. You can start clearing today, send payment requests to customers, charge payments or subscriptions and much more. Receiving payment for your products within a week from the date of payment, and promoting credit, which means that even if you have made a transaction in instalments, you will be able to receive all the money in your account in a week from today. Kaveret gives you the perfect tools to promote your business and get instant credit card clearing.

✔ Option to accept all credit cards including international credit cards

✔ Pay in instalments, automatically renew membership and more

✔ Promote credit and transfer payments to your account within a week of purchase.

✔ Send requests for payment by SMS and generate invoices/receipts automatically upon payment

✔ Attractive percentages and low monthly costs