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Interfacing with the world's most advanced systems.The BeeCRM is with you wherever you go.

Most ERP systems are installed on a computer or server that can only be accessed through remote control software. Integration with the Beehive allows you to access the information on the computer or server without remote connection software and from any smartphone or tablet device. This makes the ERP accessible even to employees who need to pull and enter information from there without the ability to install remote control software on their devices.

The only Israeli system in Israel that interfaces with the Priority system, including receiving data from Priority including:Full customer dataInvoicesPaymentsCreating automations on customer documentsAnd more.Direct connection between the store and Priority.

Advanced two-way interface:Registering a customer in SAP will be registered in the Beehive and vice versa.Issuing invoices from SAP to the Beehive only (based on the understanding that SAP customers will issue invoices in SAP).

Full two-way integration and automation with the Hashishvat system (exclusive to the Beehive) - requires connection to the database or via API

Technological solutions in the field of communication call centers, through the systems of Voicenter, Voicespin, Omnitelecom Aspire, Calltechand Paycall.

Cloud solutions powered by AI, fully integrated with HaKaveret

Communication solutions for businesses adapted to the needs of the organization, optimize the provision of the service, and save time and costs.

Solutions are based on the X builder platform, developed by Coltech.

With Paycall, you can track, manage and measure your communication in all channels, platforms, apps and media, with a full connection to Hive!

Modules that can be purchased separately and easily and quickly implemented in your Contact Center system

Isracard / Max / PayPal / HaShavShevet 

Credit clearing with a direct connection to CRM, with a variety of clearing solutions

Rav Messer Slach Messer Smoove Mailchimp These systems will help you manage your customer relationships easily.

SMS mailing system and online course

system for mailing emails and landing pages

email marketing system

Emailing, sms, landing pages and automations

One-click connection to any system you choose

Full technical support for every integration

Dedicated team of programmers for 24/7 software updates

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