Lead management – all leads from all channels – organized in one place

In Kaveret’s CRM system, your leads automatically enter the beautiful and convenient lead funnel.
Leads are connected to Kaveret’s lead management system simply and easily.
You can interface to multiple platforms with a fast connection and there is also an option to interface with Zapier (and from there to thousands of additional platforms).
In short – no matter where your lead comes from (website, campaign, telephone calls) – it can easily interface with the system.
Leads received by the system can be automatically routed to a pre-defined departments or employees and of course, leads can be assigned manually.
Kaveret’s CRM system will recognize duplicate data (i.e. – if the lead details already exist in the system) and allow you – with the click of a button – to see the similar file, merge files or delete one of them.
In Kaveret’s lead funnel you will be able to see an up-to-date and precise status regarding the business’ leads and marketing channels, quickly and easily.

How can lead management in the system help my business?

With Kaveret’s lead funnel, you will be able to see an up-to-date and precise status regarding the business’ leads and marketing channels, quickly and easily.

For example:

✓ Find out which landing page most leads are coming from

✓ Find out which landing page the best quality leads are coming from

✓ Find out from which landing page most leads are converted into customers

✓ Find out which sales person converted the most leads

✓ Find out which campaigns bring the highest quality leads

✓ Find out which advertising channel the best quality leads came from

✓ Find out your closing percentages from Facebook, Google and Outbrain

✓ And lots more

The data you analyze will save you a lot of money, help you understand where to put the advertising emphasis – where to increase resources and budgets and where to cut back, which of course will lead your business to concentrate on the right marketing channels and utilize marketing budgets optimally.
Furthermore, you can filter and segment reports from the lead funnel by period (dates), by landing page, by sales reps, by advertising channel or by any other segmentation you choose!

Increasing sales with a lead management tool:

Once all your leads from all channels have entered the lead funnel, you can keep in touch with them and get back to each customer easily, conveniently and quickly via a one click SMS or instant email delivery – update the lead status and assign tasks.

Just to remind you,
Since our CRM system is entirely cloud-based, you can access and manage your leads at any time and from any computer or smartphone with internet connection.

Seeing is believing…

Have a look at Kaveret’s lead management system – browser between screens. This is what it looks like