Sales Management – Draw conclusions and control sales

Efficient sales management with Kaveret CRM
Kaveret enables you to adapt the sales process to your business work process, in a manner that will suit the business’ internal needs easily and simply. Advanced reports allow you to manage and control all the processes.

✓ Receive leads from a number of channels directly to the CRM system.
✓ Manage and monitor sales processes.
✓ Advance sales through tasks, automation and process work.
✓ Option to conduct multi-product sales.
✓ Measure and generate reports and graphs of sales.
✓ Manage sales persons’ meeting diaries.
✓ Improve performance through competition and encouraging engagement.

Receiving and managing leads:

Kaveret CRM enables you to receive leads from a number of channels such as Facebook, Google, landing pages, a company website and more, directly to the CRM system, so you won’t miss any opportunities for a sale and connecting with potential customers or existing customers.
The lead management system enables you to monitor every application from a potential customer and maximize new sales.

Sales Management System:

Built-in documented sales process that enables documentation of relevant information regarding the customer’s needs and preferences which enables you to close deals successfully. A combination of automated processes that advance the sales process successfully until closing a deal. Sales management with Kaveret CRM allows you to get to know tour customers better, documentation that helps you to provide continuous and personal service.

Managing orders and quotes:

The Kaveret CRM system enables you to generate designed templates of quotation and send them easily and efficiently, with the click of a button, directly from the system to the customer. Easy and convenient tracking from the moment the quote is sent until it is digitally signed by the customer.
Construct quotes from a list of business products and services, help sales people to streamline their work and provide a quick response to customer requests.

Manage meeting diaries:

Manage salespeople’s meeting diaries using an advanced meeting diary that allows for a wide variety of views, and sending a reminder before the appointment date to both the salesperson and the customer via email and SMS including directions.

Stay up-to-date and get full control of your business’ sales,
Draw conclusions that will optimize your sales system, and increase your business turnover!

Kaveret’s sales management system – this is what it looks like