Task management system

Task management system
Kaveret’s CRM system allows you to manage all tasks in one place, giving full control over what happens in the business from daily tasks to project level, and provides staff with a convenient and simple work environment for sharing information, creating reminders and events and setting daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

Task management is a process that includes planning, testing, monitoring and reporting. Starting with the task and its execution, task management can help achieve goals more effectively, whether it is a single task or a group task of several employees who need to use the same knowledge and share it. Task management is a significant part of project management and a real basis for effective work in any organization.

Task management in the Kaveret CRM system allows you to prioritize tasks according to employee, team, task or schedule, and allows you to improve performance and complete tasks efficiently and meet goals.

The advantages of Kaveret’s CRM task management system:


Full control from one central management interface that monitors all tasks,
Prioritize and complete tasks according to schedule efficiently. A unique privileges management system for receiving information and performing actions, separating management levels, assigning tasks, associating projects, sharing employee diaries, managing reminders and more.

Reminders and continuity

Eliminates the need to remember all tasks by sending time reminders, emails, text messages (SMS), software pop-ups, and deadlines for execution. Internal correspondence about the task, and you can set goals and milestones, track the products and manage times. Option for full control and receiving feedback on the pace of progress and execution completion.

Task sharing

Quick sharing of files, contacts, calendars, events and other data between teams, employees and managers.
In addition, you can set personal user privileges to view data and perform actions and reflect an up-to-date snapshot for managers.

Control clock

Measures time for tasks. You can get data on the time of entry and exit from the task efficiently and easily. Option to schedule task time and calculate billing hours.


Receive reports on tasks and milestones, a unified view of all open and closed tasks, of an employee, or a project and their status.

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