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Kaveret, from Edit Software Solutions (2006), is the most advanced CRM software for business management and customer relations
The software was established in 2002 and has been updating and developing.

Kaveret is cloud-based software that works intuitively, easy, simple and convenient, with a beautiful user interface, that provides 360° solutions to effective business management.

From directly receiving leads from all platforms, through a simple examination of conversion rates, to marketing moves, measuring employee efficiency, automation that creates contact with customers, assigns tasks to representatives and more. Kaveret enables easy and convenient documentation of every call, synchronization with logs, product creation, inventory management and issuance of one-click quotes, advanced bookkeeping with the option of issuing invoices by email and endless possibilities. Kaveret gives you time for effective management, and enables you to increase profits and retain customers over time.

Kaveret is suitable for all scopes of business activity, large organizations, medium-sized businesses, and small and independent businesses, and currently provides comprehensive solutions for many businesses and organizations, which also enjoy fast and courteous customer service, with full technical support in Hebrew.

Among our customers: Finance companies, leisure networks, production companies, law firms, business consultants, real estate companies and more.

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