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Cloud Accounting Software

Processing * Customer Management * Invoices * Document Management


Professional and user-friendly accounting software that allows you to manage all documents in an online system, send invoices by email, including a digital signature approved by the Israel Tax Authority.

Suitable for all types of companies and businesses – Ltd., exempt person, non-profit organizations and public benefit companies

Customer Management

Accounting through the BeeCRM allows you to manage customer billing in a simple way, manage customer cards including financial data, track the status of open invoices for each customer, track balances, collection reminders, automatic PDF sending, and manage open customer invoices.

Graphs and Reports

You can quickly track income, expenses, open documents, expected receipts and generate all the required reports.

Credit Card Processing and Direct Debit

Connection to a credit card processing system, creation of a direct debit order and automatic generation of invoices.


You can personalize each document, add your brand colors, logo and personal signature to each document.

Save Time and Money

Fast document generation from any computer, access to invoices and documents at any time, automatic reports for the accountant, simple interface to external accounting systems, automatic sending of invoices on the due date of a check

High Profitability

Tracking and reminders for open invoices, graphical data analysis for activity cycles, various payment options suitable for each customer

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