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Smart Business Calendar Software

The calendar that takes everything into account

Businesses need a smart solution for workforce scheduling.

In addition to the routine tasks like events, meetings and management, the scheduling task can be complex and tedious due to many constraints and unexpected changes.


We don’t always remember to take all the variables into account, and disruptions like overlapping meetings, cancellations without notice and other crises that cost you money can occur.

Overcoming Challenges Saving Resources

The BeeCRM Resource Calendar will help you simplify the task of scheduling and registering for events, and keep your business resources at 100% capacity. Whether you have a small business, a medium-sized business, or a large organization, college, clinic, office or equipment rental business - our resource calendar will be tailored to every need in your company.

Checking for overlap between different events that may be "overridden"

Self-registration for customers and limiting the number of participants

Adding custom fields to events according to the nature of the event

Full control over user permissions and role assignment

Graphical segmentation for marking different types of events

How does it really work?

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