CRM system

The system works for you,
saving you time and money!

*Try for two weeks with no obligation and without the need for a credit card

CRM system

The system works for you, saving you time and money!

*Try for two weeks with no obligation and without the need for a credit card

How CRM Kaveret can help
your business grow

business goals

Meet business goals

If you have a small or large business, Kaveret have the solution for you to meet your targets easily and quickly at an attractive price

Your profits

Grow your profits!

Kaveret will help you track your debts and collect simply and quickly, generate relevant reports and provide you and your customers pop-up reminders.


Control marketing

With a smart lead management interface, you will be able to test conversion rates from different marketing channels. In addition, you will be able to send structured messages according to the needs of your business.

The Service

Improve the service

Your business customer service will improve significantly thanks to tracking and documenting all customer activity, and providing the best response to new and old customers. Happy to work with Kaveret.

Happy to work with Kaveret


Try Kaveret for yourselves…

*Try for two weeks with no obligation and without the need for a credit card

Take your business a few steps further with the help of CRM software

Stand at the forefront of technology!

With the help of Kaveret’s CRM system, you can send customers reminders and customized messages, generate documents and agreements that you have created yourself using the software.

Insert screenshots into the software directly from your smartphone or the customer’s smartphone.

Save recordings and document conversations to customers, including the option to create personal tasks for unanswered calls or requests to get back to customers.

Help customers navigate with Waze or Google Maps and interface with other software and services.

Your entire business
Managed from one place

Knowledge is power, and with Kaveret you will have that power!

Kaveret was designed for you to receive all your business information in one place; Kaveret is a CRM system that wonderfully manages your leads and customers but also suppliers, service providers and business partners.

You can the tailor CRM Kaveret for your business needs and save all business information in one place.

Collate all customer files, correspondence and agreements, telephone calls, SMS, emails, meetings, tasks and more.

With the help of the system’s segmentation modules, you can turn this information into tables and graphs that will generate necessary information about the number of new customers, abandoning customers and the reasons for this, reasons for not closing a sale and more.

Don’t miss a single potential customer

All leads from all marketing channels in one program…

With the help of Kaveret, you can collect all leads from all your business’ current marketing networks in one location in an orderly manner (such as – landing pages, Facebook campaigns, leads from the site, phone calls and more…)

Analyse your conversion rate from each marketing channel, examine the quality of leads and track them from the moment they enter until they become customers.

Of course, with the help of Kaveret’s CRM system – your sales people will be able to open tasks and reminders, document call summaries, offer upgrades, send messages to customers directly from the system and a variety of other features that will save you time, and of course help you sign up more customers.

Easy interface to the best systems

Synchronize diaries | Leads | Google & Facebook…

Easy and simple Kaveret interface with dozens of other systems including Facebook, Google, Office365, Zapier, telephony system and more…
Collate all leads from all your marketing channels in one place, synchronize your logs and tasks with a simple and convenient CRM system.

All business data will be waiting for you and your sales people in one simple system, in Hebrew.

Don’t miss additional software from Kaveret

Each program works independently and can also work in combination with the others

Instant online clearing, receive payments, send SMS for payment from a mobile phone, promote credit and more.

Find debtor customers, send invoices and digitally signed payment documents and more...

Access from any smartphone and browser, option to start and end shift quickly, vacation days and more… .

Allocate and register for complex events, prevent overlaps, skip holidays, self-registration and more.

Why choose Kaveret?

If you don’t try, we won’t understand the difference…

System in the cloud

Secure, comfortable and quick access from anywhere in the world and any computer, tablet and smartphone. Daily backup of contents and files and the option to allow access from defined locations only.

Here for you

Customer service for us is not just a password. The Kaveret team are waiting to help you, with quick service in Hebrew – by phone, email, WhatsApp and chat – try us!

All the features

You will receive all Kaveret features from the very first user. There is no limit on the number of records and data entered into the system, and there never will be, even for the most basic user!

Simple and friendly interface

We have invested thousands of hours on research and development to create a simple and easy-to-use interface…

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Introductory videos for the system

Watch and find out how simple it is

Lead management on Kaveret

Connecting Kaveret to mailing systems

Kaveret introductory videos

Connection between send a message and Kaveret

Closing a transaction invoice

Checking the status of leads in the system

Try Kaveret for yourselves…

* Try for two weeks with no obligation and without the need for a credit card

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