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A smart CRM to manage your Tasks Teams  Funnels Sales

A management system for businesses that do more in less time, with smart integrations to create a streamlined and successful workflow.

A smart system that drives results.

With the Kaveret CRM you’ll be able to send custom reminders and messages, create documents and contracts - Automatically and comfortably.

Control business KPIs

We provide solutions for achieving KPIs and goals efficiently, regardless of your business’ size.

Control Profits

The system allows you to follow debts, pay collections, PNL reports, and advanced reminders to you or your clients.

Control Marketing

A clean and smart lead-management app that allows measurements between conversions and custom messages based on business needs.

Lots of  Exclusive Features

Access from anywhere in the world

Our system is secured, easy and fast from anywhere in the world, and offers a daily back-up to all content and files, with assignable roles and permissions.

Communicate with full control

We have created a unique blend of communication features especially for you: Sales and customer success, lead management, and inquiries in a single app.

Everything - right from the start

Right from your first created user, all features will be ready for you - without data or space limits - even for the simplest user type.

Communication Integration

Connect with your clients from all channels via a single powerful app.

Service over anything

Customer Success isn’t a catch-phrase, our team is ready to talk to you 24/7, with fast service by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or live chat.

Credit Card Clearance

Get paid online with custom payment notifications, SMS messages, and more.

Have you heard of the Omnichannel?

Work through all platforms while staying focused - All of your client communications in one place, example: A client sent you a Facebook message, replied on WhatsApp and eventually closed the deal via e-mail? You won’t even need to switch a tab.

Over 1,000 customers running the business with the system of the beehive

And the results:

sales increase in the first few months.
% 0 +
faster response
to clients.
% 0 +
higher employee
% 0 +

The one and only for every business need

From the first phone call, client onboarding, payments and receipts - you can enjoy one interface that does it all - easy to use for every employee in your company, with low effort, and without the need to understand complex systems, to create a harmonic workflow - In the Kaveret, everybody has its place.

Keep Clients Close

Stop missing potential clients with a system that opens client cards automatically, and reminds you about them.

Easy, friendly, efficient

We invented the Kaveret to make life easier, we invested 1,000s of hours researching and developing the easiest system you can use - and that’s how it always will be.

Graph or table?

Using advanced segmentation models, you can turn every business info into tables or graphs, to help you and your advisors lead the company more clearly.

In one word: Integrations

Easily connect every tool, marketing automation, payment add-ons, and bookkeeping platform.

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What our customers say about us?

Group 1000006428
"I moved to the Hive about a year ago, which has changed my life from end to end: no running to the post office to send invoices for the day, no remorse because of the rainforests and the most important thing is that you can send invoices from anywhere. And the question arises, what will I do at my desk? So unnecessary!"
Gil hovav
Group 1000006428
"At the end of the day, the most significant thing is who is behind the software, software is the core of the business and behind the core of your business you want great people. Beehive has the same DNA of people who are great, attentive, service people and partners along the way"
Ido sela
Group 1000006428
"We came to the Beehive after testing ten CRM systems. When we met with the company of Beehive we realized that we had come to the right place. The service, the support, the understanding and the solution to every craziness we had. This attitude also accompanies us throughout the ongoing work with them"
Promise CEO
Group 1000006428
"The Hive upgraded our marketing thanks to the interface of the system to external systems. It makes it easier for us when all the leads are managed in one place and the support services work regularly. Thank you very much"
Tomer Vershouer

Support center

Comprehensive guides on the use of the system, frequently asked questions, tips and technical support, all in the Hive's support center

Setting up a mission
3 min
Establishing a sale + clearing
3 min
Multiple action segmentation
1:30 min
Connections to mailing interfaces
Excluding days/hours from calendar
1 min
work hours
3 min
Joining a clearing system
Mailing systems
5 automations that business owners must know
Managing a business consists of countless small and large tasks, over which the business owner wins, when above all the most important resource for business owners has always been one thing: time!...

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