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Manage any client, from any platform, in one screen.

The leading software for customer service/technical support/sales centers for large organizations and growing businesses.

Easy to Stay Connected

Thanks to our innovation, there is no need to worry about platform fragmentation - because from your perspective, it doesn't matter if the client contacted you through Facebook Messenger, continued on WhatsApp and then through email, you can stay in the BeeCRM, because everything comes to one place, where you stay connected, without missing anything.We understand the need for innovation and digitization in companies, and today, every business and organization knows that omnichannel is a basic necessity for proper resource management and workforce savings.

A specially designed development to Improve Customer Relations

Our customer management system is specially designed to meet organizational SLA (Service Level Agreement) targets and provide tools to improve targets through the following parameters:

Improved Handling of Inquiries

Inquiry handling times will be significantly reduced with the Hive's intelligent system.


Who should you get back to first? Who hasn't received a response yet? The system prioritizes customer types and their inquiries.

Balancing Inquiry Volume

Each agent receives a realistic number of inquiries to maximize response times.

Control and Monitoring

The customer service manager sees everything and gets full and comprehensive control.

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See Everything, Know Everything

The customer service manager can see in real time how many inquiries each agent has, adjust the number of inquiries, and see who is violating organizational priorities in real time.We believe that good customer relations are more profitable for your organization, so we have created a unique option for customer service managers: segmentation of complex reports that help you understand customer-facing work methods.

Full Control in One Screen

The moment a customer creates an inquiry, an inquiry is automatically opened with all the information we have about them. We connect customer service, sales, lead management, and customer inquiry management in one place.


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What our customers say about us?

Group 1000006428
"I moved to the Hive about a year ago, which has changed my life from end to end: no running to the post office to send invoices for the day, no remorse because of the rainforests and the most important thing is that you can send invoices from anywhere. And the question arises, what will I do at my desk? So unnecessary!"
Gil hovav
Group 1000006428
"At the end of the day, the most significant thing is who is behind the software, software is the core of the business and behind the core of your business you want great people. Beehive has the same DNA of people who are great, attentive, service people and partners along the way"
Ido sela
Group 1000006428
"We came to the Beehive after testing ten CRM systems. When we met with the company of Beehive we realized that we had come to the right place. The service, the support, the understanding and the solution to every craziness we had. This attitude also accompanies us throughout the ongoing work with them"
Promise CEO
Group 1000006428
"The Hive upgraded our marketing thanks to the interface of the system to external systems. It makes it easier for us when all the leads are managed in one place and the support services work regularly. Thank you very much"
Tomer Vershouer

Over 1,000 customers running the business with the system of the BeeCRM

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