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5 automations that business owners must know

Managing a business consists of countless small and large tasks, over which the business owner wins, when above all the most important resource for business owners has always been one thing: time!

In 2019, precisely one of the most popular phenomena among businesses, including businesses conducted digitally, is the phenomenon of automation, which we will expand on later.
Automations have quickly become a business owner’s best friend as they save valuable time while things are done automatically.
Tasks that once took a lot of time – today are done thanks to one or another automation tool – (you are invited to read here about one of the most prominent among them in the guide we wrote not long ago)

The role of our advanced system is first and foremost to direct the business owner to the really important things: seeing the big picture, the essential decisions, and the management itself. For this purpose, we have created a variety of amazing automations that will maintain a high and uniform standard of service, optimize intra-organizational processes, regularly inspect the work, and in general simply make the business owner significantly easier in the complex and demanding management job.

So receive them with timed applause – the five automations that you must, but really must know:

  1. Unanswered outgoing calls.

You contacted a customer, and the call was not answered. It is important for you to get him and move forward with what you started, give him an answer, offer him a new service, or anything else. With the huge amount of customers and phones, how will you make sure that in the end the relationship with him will actually be established?
Well, let our advanced systems take it from here. It goes like this: the customer will receive a text message, and a task will open for you in the system to remind you to come back to him one more time in a few hours of your choosing.

  1. Price offers

You met with a client, invested your time and energy, charmed him, created an excellent connection, trust, chemistry, in short – perfection. You sent him a detailed, serious and attractive price offer. You expect an enthusiastic return email, which will announce the closing of the deal and promote the start of your joint work. And what about the email? The email does not arrive. How are you progressing? easy. A personal, respectful and pleasant email will be sent to the customer a week (or however long you define) after sending the offer from your side. Suits you? You can understand.

  1. Missed calls

A customer contacted you. Somehow the call was missed. How will you make sure that the customer receives a response and that his request does not fall through the cracks? Leave it to us. Our smart system will immediately send a text message to the customer, informing him that his call has been received and that his request will be handled as soon as possible (according to your business’s SLA). This way the client will know where things stand and will know that he is important to you. At the same time as the message that the customer will receive, the representative handling the customer will receive a message calling on him to return to the customer within a time that you define.

And if that’s not enough, there are two amazing automations that we will be launching very soon. Get a first look:

  1. Escalation

It is designed to prevent a situation where you will not comply with the policy you yourself set, and you can continue to provide your customers with the service you committed to. How does it actually work? There is a task at hand, and the deadline you committed to the client is approaching. In such a situation, the manager will receive a notification about a task that is about to exceed the SLA, and even the CEO will receive an email about it. All this so that no task will be missed and everything will be carried out within the guaranteed schedules.

  1. Control of new customers

Do you have a new client? Our congratulations! This is the time to acquire his trust and give him extra attention. We are here to help with this: as soon as the new customer makes any purchase, a task will open for the manager, in which he is asked to verify with the customer whether everything is done to his satisfaction, whether he needs help, etc. In addition, starting work with a client requires vigilant control of financial matters, so the accounting department in your business will also receive an email in which it is required to check that the client’s payment process has been closed correctly.

In conclusion

In conclusion, in 2019 time is our most important resource. If we can optimize it and get the best out of it as business owners we can maximize results, increase profitability and engage in complex tasks that only we know and can solve

We strongly recommend that you experiment with the variety of automations offered to you as part of our advanced CRM system, and prove how much they contribute to effectiveness, order and organization in your business. Good luck and always remember: time is the most important resource you have.

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